Bicycle Mounted Leather Wine Bottle Holder with Stainless Steel Opener

$ 65.00

This bicycle wine carrier makes transporting that wine bottle on you bike a snap, literally!

Simply slide the wine bottle in and snap shut, it's a simple and beautiful way to carry wine on your bike wherever you go, party, park, home... And it even comes with a stainless steel wine bottle opener built in that will always be with you so you don't get stuck in that situation where you have a great bottle of wine and no way to open it.

Made from veg tanned leather, completely hand crafted. Holds standard red wine bottle, 3 inches in diameter and 9" tall from bottom to start of neck. Bottle slides in with neck sticking out the top and snaps shut. Stainless steel opener sides into built in sleeve that straps and snaps shut. This particular wine holder comes with an easy carrying handle.

Straps are removable which allows this beautiful cover to also be used when you are not on your bike.

For custom graphics please respond to email confirmation with graphic files. Graphic files should be black and white and ready to print with little to no editing, if you have questions please contact us.


"Received very promptly after my order! Thank you!! Better than described; and pictures don't do it justice. Very excited to gift the wine bottle holder to my sister. Definatly investing in one for myself very soon."
- Kristyn

"Love it. Perfect item - looking forward to using it :)"
- Sara



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